If you are interested in being placed on a wait list for any of our planned litters, please submit an application.

We are excited for the planned litters for the year 2020.  We will be having a variety of various sizes of poodle and goldendoodle litters as well as a few golden retriever litters. Check out our planned litters noted below.  We are currently accepting applications for any of our future litters. We may be able to estimate the approximate time the breeding may take place but please note that we can not control mother nature. Most dogs come into heat twice per year, or about every six months, although the interval can vary between breeds, and from dog to dog. It is about 4 months from the time a breeding takes place until puppies are ready to go home.  We are professional dog breeders in Iowa. We can work with families to get a puppy to you.

We accept a limited number of applications/deposits on future litters until the birth and we get an exact count.




Tinkerbell X Max

Toy Poodles

Breeding 2/2/20













  1. Breeder




Alice X George

F1 standard Goldendoodles

Breeding March

Female golden retriever

white cream parti male standard poodle













Rose X ???? either Jiminy Cricket or our mini goldendoodle male once testing is complete

  1. Breeder



North X George

AKC Standard Poodles














Venus X Buddy

F1b Standard Goldendoodle

Venus will retire after this litter.

Anticipate breeding in May