So you’ve decided you want to purchase a puppy.

  1. To start the process, complete the application on the Puppy Application page.
  2. We will get back in touch with you regarding your application.
  3. After hearing back from us, submit your completed Puppy Deposit Agreement and non-refundable security deposit.


Security Deposit

After we have talked with you about your application, it is expected the security deposit will be paid/sent within 24 hours. A $300.00 non-refundable security deposit will hold your place on the wait list for a litter.  Waiting lists will be kept on a first-come, first-serve order for the expected litters. 

You can submit your $300 security deposit payment by cash, money order, bank draft or personal check. We do not accept credit cards. We will let you know when we have received your security deposit.  Your security deposit can be mailed to:   Lori Marshall   1672 Highway 92   Knoxville, Iowa 50138. Please be sure to include the puppy deposit agreement form with your payment.

We also accept security deposits by paypal. Please send via the friend option to  You will still need to complete the puppy deposit agreement which can be mailed or signed/scanned back into your computer and returned via email.


Puppy Deposit Agreement – Click here


What Happens After You’ve Reserved Your Puppy

After you have reserved your puppy with Star Creek Kennel,  we will provide you with updates as to the progress.  While you are waiting for the puppies to arrive, it’s a great time to get a book or two about raising a new puppy. 

Take the time to line up a vet if you don’t have one. You will be required to take your puppy to your vet within 72 hours after receiving your puppy.


What Happens After the Puppies are Born

We will post on our Facebook page all litter announcements and number of male and female puppies in the litter. We will contact you regarding the litter and if you are receiving a puppy from the litter. We go by dates of deposits and have to wait until the litter is born to see how many males and females there are! Sometimes it is necessary to have your reservation moved forward to the next litter, if the sex of the puppy you want is not present in the litter.

Special Note: We reserve the option to select a puppy from a litter after it has arrived, for “breeder’s pick” for our breeding program.

We post updates of the puppies on our Facebook page, Star Creek Kennel, L.L.C., so that you can watch the puppies grow! All immunizations and de-wormings are done as per our vet’s schedule, and socialization starts the day the puppies are born with much human handling. All of our puppies are born and reared inside our home. Our whelping/puppy room as well as our kennel is clean, well ventilated, heated, air conditioned and cleaned daily. Our adult dogs are very healthy, groomed and bathed often and have access to inside and outside space. Our puppies are exposed to normal household noises, exposed to bathing as well as nails trimmed so that they are familiar with everyday life. 

Puppy selection can occur at any time but must be completed by the time the puppies are 7 weeks old. Puppy selection is based on the dates of deposits received. When it is your family’s turn to choose, we will help you as much or as little as you’d like, and will be available to answer all of your questions.  Some families are able to visit and select their puppies in person.  We will be happy to have you schedule your visit with us.  After seeing the photos for 6 weeks, most families have a favorite or two… and are already in love!

Your puppy will be ready to go home to you, at 8 weeks of age.  We believe it is best for your puppy to have face-to-face hand off.  You are welcome to come in person and pick up your puppy.  If you live a long distance, you can fly into Des Moines International Airport and we can deliver your puppy to you at the airport for you to take your puppy back home with you onboard the plane. This must be scheduled in advance, so please be sure to talk to us about this option well in advance. We can deliver some puppies by car to a designated location. An additional transportation fee may apply for this service and this must be scheduled in advance. We may be able to fly your puppy to a major airport clost to you for an additional fee. This must be requested well in advance to make appropriate arrangements.

Be sure to have a checkup appointment scheduled with your vet. Remember that puppies should not go out in public until they have had their immunizations – this is a must! No public parks, walks in the neighborhood or obedience training outside the home. Some people get an in-home trainer to come and work with the puppy and all the family members, then continue with obedience training classes later when the puppy has had all immunizations.


Puppy Visiting Days

Families often ask to visit our puppies and see our kennel. We have been advised by our vet that the general public should not be allowed inside our kennel and that puppies should not be brought out to meet families until they are 6 weeks old and their immunizations have been started. This is part of our bio-security system to limit exposure of potentially fatal viruses and bacteria to our dogs and puppies. Good Biosecurity often prevents common diseases like parvovirus. We hope you understand why we must have this limited visitor’s policy. After all, this policy is in place to protect YOUR future puppy too.


Paying the Balance of Your Puppy

If you want, you can pay the total balance due prior to the date you are to pick up your puppy. All balances due for your puppy must be paid in full before your puppy is able to go to your home.  We accept final payments by cash, money order or cashiers check. We do not accept personal checks or credit cards. Please remember the total balance due is the price for your puppy PLUS 7% Iowa State sales tax for any puppy purchased in Iowa. 


Health Warranty

A health warranty is offered for all of our puppies. The document must be completed prior to or at the time of the purchase of the puppy. This contract must be signed by the buyer and seller to be binding. A printed copy of the document (contents noted below) will be provided by the seller. A copy will be provide to the buyer and a copy retained by the seller.


Contract and Bill of Sale

This contract must be signed by the buyer and seller to be binding

ATTENTION! Please, read carefully. If you have any questions, please, ask. This contract is written for the protection of the Breeder, the Buyer and the puppy.

Puppy: Breeding Rights:        YES         NO
Puppy Price: Color:
Iowa State Tax: Sire:
Deposit: Dam:
Amount Due: DOB:


  • To the best of the Breeder’s knowledge the puppy identified above is in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of sale, is up to date on age appropriate vaccines and deworming’s. Appropriate information will be provided to the buyer by the breeder about the puppy’s medical records.
  • The Buyer is required to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days after receiving the puppy for a general health exam. Any and all expenses incurred during this exam are sole responsibility of the buyer.  Documented proof of the exam must be returned to the Breeder by mail within 14 days. If the puppy is not taken to a licensed veterinarian within three business days, this health contract is void.   Buyers Initials: __________________________
  • If during this health exam the puppy is found to have a life-threatening health problem, the Buyer must return the puppy at the Buyers expense with the Veterinarian’s written confirmation as to the health problem within 3 days. Upon return of the puppy, all paperwork provided at the time the puppy was purchased as well as the written vet evaluation documentation, the Buyer will receive another puppy of equal value if one is available, otherwise, the purchase price of the puppy will be refunded to the Buyer. This does not include minor illness requiring short-term medication.
  • The Breeder warrants the health of the puppy for two years after the date of the sale against any life-altering genetic diseases that Star Creek Kennel tests for (specified below). Should a health tested genetic disease described below be discovered during this time that will require surgery to correct, the breeder will provide Buyer with a full refund of purchase price only. Receipt from surgery must be provided before refund is sent. The breeder reserves the right to confirm the results before a replacement or refund is provided. Replacement will only be provided if dog is returned to breeder at Buyer’s expense.  Our breeding parents are tested for:
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cardiac Issues
  • PRA
  • Von Willebrands Disease
  • Degenerative Myeopathy


  • The Breeder will not provide a refund or exchange for any puppy injured or sick (due to non-genetic disease) after leaving the Breeder’s premises. Buyers are encouraged to limit the exposure of their puppy to other dogs and outside high traffic dog areas until the puppy is at least 16 weeks old and/or has been given its final puppy vaccination.
  • This warranty will be terminated should dog be allowed to become overweight or developing joints be overstressed at any point during the warranty period. Should the dog be found to have genetic issues covered in this contract within its first two years, the buyer must provide breeder with proof in the form of documentation from OFA. The breeder reserves the right to confirm the results before a replacement or refund is provided. Replacement will only be provided if dog is returned to Seller at Buyer’s expense.
  • It should be noted that diarrhea is common among puppies that have been moved to a new environment. This is normal and is not covered under the health guarantee. This will normally subside as the puppy adjusts to its new home and surroundings.
  • This contract does not cover viral illnesses, infections, improper bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, kennel cough, mites, ear infections, fleas, worms, Giardia or Coccidosis. It also does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury. It is to be clearly understood, that the Breeder does NOT, under any circumstances, accept responsibility for any veterinarian and/or health care expense for such noted health issues.
  • Over-vaccination is known to cause many auto-immune diseases and conditions in dogs. The buyer will be supplied with a list of vaccinations that have been provided to the puppy. Do NOT allow your vet to repeat any of the vaccinations that have already been given by the breeder.  If your puppy is re-vaccinated, this will void the contract. Do NOT allow your vet to give multiple vaccinations at any time during a vet visit. You must be an advocate for your puppy.                                                                                                                 Buyers Initials___________________________


  • While the breeder will make a good faith effort to estimate the color and size of the puppy based on the size of the parents, the breeder does NOT and CANNOT guarantee size, color, coat appearance or texture. The buyer understands there is a risk that their puppy may shed, coats can get lighter or darker, and puppies can grow larger or smaller than estimated by the Breeder. This puppy is represented as a beautiful loving pet.
  • The pictures which were taken of your puppy and the puppies’ parents are owned by the breeder. You do not have permission to use or alter these photos in any way. Using any of our photos without our permission will automatically void this agreement.
  • Upon execution of this document, all veterinary care and associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Buyer.
  • Your puppy has been raised on TLC puppy food. This is a high-quality food. We do not require use of this puppy food, but we do highly recommend it.
  • The puppy is being purchased as pet only. The Buyer agrees that the puppy will be spayed or neutered by 12 months of age. Buyer agrees to provide Seller with proof of spay/neuter within 12 months after purchase date as shown below. If the puppy is not spayed or neutered by 12 months of age and/or is used for breeding (whether intentional or accidental), the Breeder reserves the right to repossess the Dog and the Buyer forfeits any and all purchase monies. If the puppy is used for breeding (whether intentional or accidental), the buyer shall pay the breeder the sum of $7,500 for breeding rights. In addition, the buyer agrees to pay the Seller $5,000 for every litter produced. All legal fees to enforce this contract will be the responsibility of the Buyer.                                                                    Buyers Initials: __________________________
  • If registration papers have been provided for your puppy (AKC, GANA), the buyer agrees to follow through and get your puppy registered through the identified organization.
  • Buyer agrees that if for any reason they cannot keep their dog, it will be returned to Star Creek Kennel to find a suitable rehome. The buyer will give up all rights to the dog. No money will be returned for the dog.


This document is a legal-binding document. In the unforeseen event there are issues that can’t be resolved, any court action shall be filed in Marion County, Iowa.  Any court costs and attorney fees necessary to enforce this contract shall be paid by the buyer in the state of Iowa.

This guarantee applies to the original owner (buyer) only and is not transferable.  There are no other warranties expressed or implied except as contained herein.

I, the buyer, have read and agree to the terms and conditions noted above.



__________________________________                            _______________________________

Buyer Signature                                                                                Seller Signature



__________________________________                            _______________________________

Date Signed                                                                                        Date Signed




Buyers Name (PRINT)_________________________________________________________



Buyers Address: _______________________________________________________________



City: _______________________________State: _________________ Zip Code:____________



Buyers Phone Number: _________________________________________________________



Email Address: ________________________________________________________________


Breeder Information:

Lori Marshall

Star Creek Kennel, L.L.C.

1672 Highway 92

Knoxville, Iowa 50138