Welcome to our Poodle page. We breed standard, miniature and toy poodles. Notice that birth dates and ready to go dates are listed for each of our poodle puppies for sale. Puppies will not be ready to go to homes until they are 8 weeks old or even longer. The smaller the puppy, the longer they stay with us. We accept applications and non-refundable deposits at any time for current or future litters. 

Notice! We reserve the right to take pick of the litter on any litter for our Breeding Program. We do not take a breeder’s pick with every litter. Breeder’s pick is before any customer’s first pick.  

We are an Iowa State licensed business and therefore must charge 7% Iowa State tax for any puppies picked up in Iowa.


Please submit an application if interested to join a waitlist.


The Poodle Breed

The poodle was originally a water dog used for retrieving. The thick, tight curls of the poodle coat texture worked perfect in the field. They are an active, intelligent, ruggedly-built dog but at the same time can appear very elegant and refined. Poodles are eager to learn and are often trained to complete tasks. Known for both this exceptional intellect, as well as their friendly and active nature, poodles make very sweet-natured companions. These pups are happiest when they feel included in day-to-day activities.

Poodles are recognized in 3 different sizes. The toy poodle is the smallest. They make perfect lap dogs that love to be cuddled, carried and pampered. The miniature poodle, sometimes known as a mini, is dignified and confident. These dogs are often unaware of their small size, and they carry themselves like a regal prince or princess.  The largest size, the standard poodle - sometimes referred to as spoo - can stand 15 inches and above at the shoulders. The standard poodle is often trained to be used as service or therapy dog.