North & George blessed us with 9 new standard poodle babies on 1-11-19


Full Moons Star of the Night – call name is North

North is an AKC registered brindle standard poodle. She is smaller in size.

DOB: 2-19-15

PennHip 0.47/0.49; no OA either hip

OFA hips-good; elbows-normal; cardiac-normal; eyes-normal.

Genetic – Pawprints

DM-carrier; News- normal; PRA-PRCD-normal; vWD I- normal






Star Commander in Chief George – call name George.

George is an AKC registered white/cream standard poodle.

DOB: 2-17-14

OFA hips-fair; elbows-normal; cardiac-normal; eyes-normal

CHIC # 133451

Genetic – Embark

DM-normal; GM2-normal; News- normal; OCH- normal; PRA-PRCD-normal; vWD I-normal; Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia-normal.

Coat Color- pawprints

Ay/at; B/b; e/e; F/F; KB/KB; D/D