Full Moons Star of the Night
Sire: Full Moon Santana
Dam: Full Moons Havasue

Whelped: 2/19/2015

Color: Black & Silver Brindle

Health Testing: Clear NE, vWD, PRA-PRCD; DM carrier


Call Name: North


Pedigree of Full Moons Star of the Night

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: Full Moon Santana 

Blk & Slvr

 Wekays Eye of the Tiger – Blk & Red  Wekays Ride Em Cowboy – Br & Wh
 DRMT Lady Ester T – Apct Blk Mkgs
 Castle’s Annika Morgan – Blk & Slvr Wh Mkgs  Twilight’s Parti Time Pattinson Re – Blk & Slvr
 Whitebrock’s That’s My Girl – Blk & Wh
DAM: Full Moons Havasue

Blk & Wh

 Sterlings All Star Laraunt of Havasu – Blk & Wh Blk Msk  Wekays Hooz Ur Daddy – Blk & Apct
 M and M’s Garden of Eden – Wh Blk Mkgs
 Sterling’s Fun Time Fantine – Blk & Wh  Paint The Town Brown – Br & Wh
 Confetti’s Phantom Fever – Blk & Slvr