Mike & Lori Marshall with their family

Star Creek Kennel is a dream come true.  We (Mike and I ) have made this a joint venture. I retired after working 30 years as a Registered Nurse at a VA hospital. The nursing background comes in handy when having to give medicine and shots. Mike worked many years in the manufacturing industry punching the time clock. He is one of the best handyman’s to have around.

Our family includes 6 children we’ve raised, with most still living in the same area. Our beautiful grandchildren love to come visit and play with our puppies. We enjoy our time with family and they all know that coming to our house means lots of love, kisses and wet noses from our dogs and puppies. Not many people can say that they walked away from the 9-5 job to venture down a path to their dream. We love our life, our family and our dogs. 

We bred poodles for several years but once we made the decision to expand our program, we knew we would need more space. We sold our home in town and purchased an acreage just outside of Knoxville. One of our first priorities was to construct a new building that has heat, air conditioning, electricity and water. Yes we have a kennel!  Not many people know that Iowa State regulations have limitations on the number of dogs a person can keep in their home. Our Iowa State license requires us to comply with the state regulations.

Every day we spend time with our dogs letting them run and play and above all, they receive lots of love and attention. We frequently bring the dogs into our home so they get house time. Dog and puppy bathing and grooming is completed in our home. We have converted our attached garage into our whelping/puppy room so that we can interact with our mama’s and puppies on a regular basis.

We are professional Iowa dog breeders licensed by the Iowa State Department of Agriculture.  Therefore, our program is inspected on a regular basis by our Vet and the State. Since we do have AKC registered litters at times, AKC also inspects our program. In addition, we are a premier GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America) breeder in Iowa.. We are a member of the Iowa Pet Breeders Association and attend the yearly conference.

Mike and I are 100% committed to producing healthy, friendly, well-tempered puppies that will bring many years of happiness to lots of families.  Health testing our parent dogs is just one of our ways to promote the best start in life for our puppies. We continuously research and attend training on breeding, whelping and raising dogs and puppies so that we can continue to grow. 

Lori Marshall

Lori with family members