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 Mike and I (Lori) are 100% committed to producing healthy, friendly, well-tempered puppies that will bring many years of happiness to lots of families.  Health testing our parent dogs is just one of our ways to promote the best start in life for our puppies.

We continuously research and attend training on breeding, whelping and raising dogs and puppies so that we can continue to grow. 

Puppy Application

To start the process of purchasing a puppy, complete the application on the Puppy Application page.

Phone Call

We will get back in touch with you regarding your application.

Pay Deposit

After hearing back from us, submit your completed Reservation Agreement Form and submit the fee.

Get Matched

Puppy selection is based on the order of reservation fees received. Puppy selection will occur on the go home day after temperament evaluations.


The Goldendoodle is a friendly, intelligent, confident, loyal breed that is engaging and welcoming with an eagerness to please which makes it a perfect companion dog. This breed was developed by crossing poodles and golden retrievers, and therefore the physical appearance of this breed is a balanced mix of the traits common to those two founding breeds, which are the only two breeds that comprise the Goldendoodle. The Goldendoodle has 4 established sizes per the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA) – petite mini, mini, medium and standard – height will be the determining factor for accurate size since weights can fluctuate. The goldendoodle has various coat types, a variety of colors and require frequent coat care including brushing and grooming.


Mini Poodles

The miniature poodle is a lively, sociable, intelligent, playful, athletic dog with a friendly, easygoing, affectionate temperament.
The breed standard requires miniature poodles to be between 10-15 inches at the shoulder and they generally weigh around 10-20 pounds.
Their curly coats appear in many colors, are relatively shed-free (making them a good dog for allergy sufferers), and 
require frequent coat care including brushing and grooming.


Toy Poodles

The smallest of the Poodles, the toy poodle is a highly trainable, very intelligent, athletic, family oriented and versatile breed.
The breed standard requires toy poodles to be 10 inches or under at the shoulders and they generally weigh around 6 to 10 pounds.  Their
curly coats appear in many colors, are relatively shed-free (making them a good dog for allergy sufferers), and
require frequent coat care including brushing and grooming.

Why Choose Star Creek Kennel

  • Ethical Breeding Practices: We adhere to the highest standards of care and ethics, providing a nurturing environment for our dogs and puppies.
  • Health Guarantee: Our puppies come with a health guarantee, ensuring their well-being and your peace of mind.
  • Personalized Support: From choosing the right puppy to ongoing guidance, we’re committed to providing personalized support throughout your journey with your new companion.


Our Process

At Star Creek Kennel, our breeding process emphasizes the well-being and happiness of our dogs and puppies. From health screenings and socialization to proper nutrition, we prioritize every aspect of their care to produce healthy and well-adjusted puppies.

Contact Us

Ready to welcome a Goldendoodle or Poodle into your home? Contact us today to inquire about available puppies or to schedule a visit to our kennel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come see your dogs and puppies?

Families often ask to visit our puppies and see our kennel. We do not allow the general public inside our kennel or nursery. This is part of our bio-security system to limit exposure of potentially fatal viruses and bacteria to our dogs and puppies. Good Biosecurity often prevents common diseases like parvovirus. We hope you understand why we must have this limited visitor’s policy. After all, this policy is in place to protect YOUR future puppy too.

We are happy to have our committed buyers visit their puppy as long as there is no health concerns. We do schedule a visit day for families with a paid reservation fee for a specific litter to come meet the puppies. This visit day is only a meet and greet day – there is no puppy selection made on this day. We will let the families know of the visit day once puppies are born. We try to schedule this day on a weekend.

When will my puppy be ready to go home?

We keep all of our puppies until they are at least 8 weeks of age. The “go home date” is 8 weeks after the birth date. As an Iowa licensed breeder, we are required to abide by the states requirements. Please do not ask to pick up your puppy early. We try to schedule the go home day close to a weekend to allow families more time over a weekend to work on transitioning their new puppy into their home.  Some smaller puppies may need to stay a bit longer in our home for continued observation and additional loving care. This can be typical for smaller sizes like miniature and toy puppies.

We do ask that our families make arrangements to pick up your puppy on it’s “go home date”.  We do allow a 3 day “window” of flexibility on making arrangements to pick up your puppy. If you are not able to pick up your puppy within the designated time period, we do charge $10 per day for boarding your puppy. This fee will cover the cost of additional care, food and training we may provide for your puppy. If we are delivering your puppy to you, this fee does not apply as we schedule our departure day based on current activity with our dogs and puppies.

What happens at the visit when I pick up my puppy?

We know this is a big day full of excitement. You have waited a long time to hold your puppy in your arms and be able to bring it home Once the puppy has been selected, we will need time to focus on documents that will need to be completed – including the written contract, health record, applicable registration etc. We try to send a lot of the educational information to families by email prior to the selection day. This way if you have any questions, you are able to ask at that time of pickup of your puppy. If your puppy has not been paid in full, final payment is due at the time of pick up. We like to get a “going home” snapshot of you with your puppy. We may post these pictures on our website or fb page with your permission.

What kind of food has my puppy been eating?

Choosing the right food to feed your new puppy is crucial to their overall health and well-being and something that should be done with careful thought and consideration. We have been feeding Nutrisource puppy food but are in the stages of switching to Pawtree. 

We will send along a sample of the food for your puppy. We strongly encourage our families to continue to use this food once the puppy goes home so that there is less stress placed on the puppy. If you want to switch to a different food later, be sure to do a gradual transition by mixing the food together so that your puppy doesn’t have digestive issues

Will I need a crate at the time of pickup?

We recommend you bring along a crate to put your puppy in for the trip home. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things can happen and it is best for your puppy to be safely protected in a crate. We do recommend you bring along a towel or blanket to use in the crate. Sometimes puppies can get a little motion sickness while traveling.

Can you ship my puppy to me?

You are welcome to fly in to pick up your puppy and take it back home with you in the plane cabin. We live within driving distance to Des Moines International Airport and can meet you at the airport with your puppy. You would need to check into the requirements for flying with a puppy as each airline has their own regulations. You would be required to pay any additional fees the airline may charge to have a puppy on a flight with you. We would need to discuss this option in advance as it would require additional paper work that I would need to obtain from my vet.

We also offer the option of having us fly your puppy to you. This service is available for an additional fee and would need to be discussed and arranged well in advance

Can you drive my puppy to me?

We are often able to meet part way for delivery of your puppy within the state of Iowa. We may be able to meet part way for delivery beyond the Iowa boarders for an additional fee. We do offer door to door delivery service out of the state of Iowa for a fee. We have delivered puppies all over the United States.

How much are your puppies?

Please refer to the available puppy page. The price of a puppy is listed beside each puppy



We strive to produce puppies with the very best temperaments and personalities. Our passion for the work with our dogs and puppies shows in the many positive reviews we have received from our customers.


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