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Welcome to Star Creek Kennel, L.L.C. We are a loving, conscientious, professional dog breeder specializing in creating happy, healthy and beautiful companion puppies. Star Creek Kennel is home to the sweetest, most lovable puppies. We specialize in poodles, goldendoodles and golden retrievers. We are passionate about our puppies and it shows in the many positive reviews we have received from our customers. 

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Golden retriever puppies

Breeds of Puppies

We are an Iowa dog breeder that has focused our program on 3 breeds of dogs – poodles, goldendoodles and golden retrievers. Below you will see a short description of each of the breeds. We use our professional knowledge and experience along with the most current research to produce genetically sound puppies with loving personalities and exceptional coats.

miniature poodle puppies

Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Standard Poodle Puppies

The poodle was originally a water dog used for retrieving. The thick, tight curls of the poodle coat texture worked perfect in the field. They are an active, intelligent, ruggedly-built dog but at the same time can appear very elegant and refined. Poodles are eager to learn and are often trained to complete tasks. Known for both this exceptional intellect, as well as their friendly and active nature, poodles make very sweet-natured companions. These pups are happiest when they feel included in day-to-day activities.

Poodles are recognized in 3 different sizes. The toy poodle is the smallest. They make perfect lap dogs that love to be cuddled, carried and pampered. The miniature poodle, sometimes known as a mini, is dignified and confident. These dogs are often unaware of their small size, and they carry themselves like a regal prince or princess.  The largest size, the standard poodle – sometimes referred to as spoo – can stand 15 inches and above at the shoulders. The standard poodle is often trained to be used as service or therapy dog.

Goldendoodle puppy

Miniature Goldendoodle, Medium Goldendoodle and Standard Goldendoodle Puppies

The goldendoodle is an adorable mix between the Golden Retriever and Poodle. Goldendoodles are the ultimate combination of good looks, smart wits, and playfulness. The hybrid is known as a “designer breed” because they were bred to have the lovable qualities of both of their parents. The mix makes the Goldendoodle a good choice for families with mild pet allergies. Most goldendoodles are known to become fast friends with children, cats, and other dog breeds, making them an ideal dog for a family pet.

Goldendoodles can be bred for various sizes, colors, generations and hair coats. Although our primarily breed line is for standard goldendoodles, we are recently expanding into the miniature and medium sized goldendoodles. This is often accomplished through use of a smaller poodle when mating with a golden retriever. Through selective breeding, our program is working towards being able to offer the smaller size goldendoodles in multigenerations. Mini and medium size goldendoodles are ideal for families with limited space such as in apartments.

Golden Retriever Puppiesgolden retriever puppy

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. This intelligent, loyal and friendly breed can fill diverse roles with ease as a family dog, therapy dog, hunting companion and guide for the blind. Good natured and beautiful, the Golden Retriever is a real crowd pleaser. Golden Retrievers love tasks and challenges as they are quick learners. They love to play fetch or carry a ball or stick around in their mouth. In other words, goldens get along with the whole family and are especially patient and outgoing with children.  They have a longer coat that does shed.





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